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XADO Revitalizant for Barrels of Rifled Arms
Designed for restoring repair and wear protection of barrels of rifled arms of any type. The gel-revitalizant restores the geometry of the barrel bore. As a result you get a high accuracy arm with extended resource. Technical info Application: The treatment consists of three steps. Use the gel of the appropriate colour for each step! Step 1 (10 shots): Use a rifle brush to apply red gel to the inner barrel surface. Apply the gel to the bullet surface protruding out of the cartridge. Sho..
XADO SnipeX Gel Restorer for Rifled Barrels
XADO® SnipeX gel-Revitalizant designed to revitalize - restore, protect and increase the resource of rifled barrels, as well as accuracy of a firearm. US PATENTED PRODUCT. Made using technology and approval of XADO Lube B.V., the Netherlands. Formulated for firearms (hand guns, machine guns, rifles, carabines) with rifled barrels of all types, despite of their caliber and intentional use (combat, sports, hunting, etc.), with regular or chrome surfaces. Has very little effect on smooth barrels. Technic..

XADO Revitalizant Treatment for Rifled Barrels of Rifles & Guns