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VERYLUBE Metal Conditioner TURBO
Metal conditioner TURBO is a modern nano-technology product which is designed for complex protection and restoration of friction units of engines (including turbocharged ones), that is why it is called TURBO. Each drop of metal conditioner TURBO contains milliards of bearings formulated from molecules of carbon C60 and molecules of aliphatic hydrocarbons reinforced with halogens. Round polyatomic molecule С60 was called FULLEREN (in honour of famous American architect B. Fuller who suggested to build openwo..
VITAFLUSH Cleaner of Engine and Transmission Oil  System
VitaFlush Cleaner is designed to clean oil system of the fuel and diesel engines of all types (including the turbocharged engines) and transmission units. Completely cleans all deteriorations, resinous sediments and removes it with used oil. Due to revitalizant restores up to 70% of lost metal. It applies during the oil change as a prophylactic for cleaning and protecting from wear-out. Also it can be used as adaptive cleaner after changing the oil of a different viscosity (i.e. from the mineral on syntheti..
Cleaning piston rings from carbon. Fast-acting product designed to remove carbon contaminations and restore stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines. Removes all scale and tar contaminations from parts surfaces of cylinder-piston group. It does not require oil change after application. Technical Info Restores mobility scraper and compression rings. Eliminates the effect of the sticking hydraulic lifters. Cleans the system of crankcase ventilation. Restores and protects friction pa..

VERYLUBE brand belongs to XADO Chemical Group and all products are manufactured on the unified production base. Results of own scientific research as well as common projects results, obtained in cooperation with leading chemical enterprises of the world, for example BASF, are applied by manufacturing of VERYLUBE products. This production is made on the newest high technology equipment with the modern system of quality control. Products under VERYLUBE trademark are well-known in many countries of the world. Sales territory all in all includes about 50 countries.