XADO Maximum Atomic Metal Conditioner

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Designed for restoring repair and active protection of engine during car exploitation. Innovative 3-component product of a new generation combines advantages of two-phase complex metal conditioner and revitalizant of the third generation. Revolutionary three stage engine treatment that rebuilds metal, reduces friction, and lubricates engine parts. Maximum contains 100%(RF100) of the active ingredient - Revitalizant,- necessary for a complete revitalization cycle.

Metal conditioners are designed to create the multilayer protection system of parts against wear and overloads due to improvement of lubricating properties of oils. Oil film with metal conditioner has higher durability and creates on the metal surface the conditions that prevent its wear.Atomic Metal Conditioner (AMC) is an innovative pro­ duct of a new generation of metal conditioners.

AMC production uses a three­component formula comprised of a sliding agent, revitalizant and metal conditioner. АМС is a three-component product. In appearance it is a two-phase liquid with the granules of revitalizant on the border between the two layers. All three components are completely oil soluble at the engine working temperature. From now on the metal condi­ tioners solve TWO tasks simul­ taneously: a traditional one — improve lubricating properties of oil and a new one — modify the friction surface (due to revita­lization effect).

Atomic metal condi­tioners differ from each other according to the treatment purpose and level of revitalization factor (RF). Revitalization factor is an indicator of restoring effi- ciency and engine wear pro­tection. The higher RF, the more reliable are the wear ­resistant and restoring properties of the achieved coating received during revitalization. Atomic metal con­ditioners are used in the engines of passenger cars and small tucks with the oil system capacity of up to 10 L

They are efficient for all types of diesel, gasoline and gas (LPG) engines including high­forced, turbocharged, direct injection, and those equipped with catalyst neutralizer / particle filter.

Restores and provides the highest level of protection for the motor car with a mileage of more than 20 000 km.
Provides reliable protection against engine wear. Three-formula composition allows for the simultaneous effect of restoring worn parts to protect them from wear and ultra-high anisotropic mobility of oil between the parts.
Metal conditioners with atomic revitalizant first solve two problems simultaneously:

  • modify surface friction (due to effect of revitalization);
  • improve the lubricating properties of oil.

This result was made possible by a three-component composition of the formula:

  • complex (two-part) of the metal conditioner plus atomic revitalizant.


  • protects and strengthens engine parts
  • improves engine power and acceleration
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • restores oil pressure
  • protects against damage from cold starts
  • can double or triple the life of an engine
  • reduces noise and vibration

Application instructions

Warm the engine to operating temperature.
Add contents to the engine oil.
The temperature of the product should be at least 25° C (77 F)
Shake the bottle well. Pour the content into the oil filler of the engine, warmed up to the working temperature.
Start the engine and let it idle for 3 to 5 minutes.


Metal conditioner XADO 1 Stage Maximum is effective for gasoline, LPG and diesel engines of cars and light trucks with oil system capacity up to 10L (10.5 qts). The treatment is completed after 1000 km of driving. Do not change oil until the end of the treatment. No change to your normal driving habits is necessary.
The Revitalizant is compatible with all types of motor oil and doesn’t change its viscosity or other properties.

RF * 100 indicates that the engine passed the full cycle of revitalization and guaranteed protected from wear at 100 000 kms.
RF (Revitalization Factor) - indicator of the effectiveness of rehabilitation and protection against wear. Max - 100,0

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