XADO 1 Magnum Revitalizant for Diesel Engine

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Gel-revitalizant for heavy-loaded diesel engines of trucks. It is designed for restoring repair of an engine and active protection directly during its operation. Innovative next-generation product which combines advantages of the 3rd generation Revitalizant: one-step application, high treatment speed, increase of protecting properties.


  • restoration and protection against wear of friction surfaces in cylinder-piston group, crank-and-rod and gas-distributing mechanisms
  • creating of effective protective system for engine’s parts against wear and overloads at all operational modes
  • leveling and increasing of compression in cylinders
  • protection of an engine against consequences of cold start
  • considerable decreasing of fuel consumption
  • elimination of emissions into the atmosphere
  • increasing of an engine power, improving its acceleration response time
  • noise and vibration reduction
  • expansion of car assemblies’ lifespan by 2-3 times

Application instructions

Squeeze out the content of the tube into the oil filler neck of the engine warmed up to the operating temperature. Start the engine and let it idle 3-5 minutes. Further operation of the vehicle is to be carried out in the normal mode.


One tube of 1 Stage MAGNUM gel-revitalizant (90 ml) is enough for the engine with the volume of oil system up to 45 litres (quarts)


The compound is compatible with all types of engine oils.
It takes about 1000 km (600 miles) to complete the treatment cycle. During this time oil change is not recommended.
Repeated application is recommended after 100 000 km (62 000 miles) of run.
To provide the highest level of protection against wear it is recommended to use further XADO Atomic Oil.


90 ml tube
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